Entrevista para AEFONA

Es posible leer aquí una entrevista donde cuento algo sobre mi proyecto del macá tobiano en Patagonia y algo del “detrás la escena”.


Hooded grebe story in Audubon Magazine

“Guardians of the grebes” is the title of a six-pages story on the hooded grebes published by the prestigious Audubon Magazine (USA). You can read it through the online version, here.


Wild Alhambra story published by Roots magazine

The story on the amphibian conservation project carried out in the Alhambra palace has been published by the Dutch magazine Roots. It includes also pictures on other wildlife species dwelling in this worldwide famous monument.


Hooded grebe story in BBC Wildlife Magazine

The first publication from my Hooded grebe project has been issued in the UK by BBC Wildlife Magazine. Stay tuned because during the next weeks I will upload a gallery on this story, focused on one of the most endangered birds of the world.


Interview for Jungles in Paris

The webmagazine Jungles in Paris, that recently published two of my stories, made me an interview on my job that you can read here.


Crete in winter published by Naturfoto

My portfolio on winter landscapes in the island of Crete (Greece) has been published by the German magazine Naturfoto.


Ibex portfolio in GDT Forum Naturfotografie

In one year, my story on the Iberian ibex appeared on several magazines. But this publication is very special. GDT Forum Naturfotografie, the magazine run by the Society of German Nature Photographers, is known for the very high standard of contents and the awesome printing quality.


Ibex story in Bell’Europa

The Italian magazine Bell’Europa published my Iberian ibex story in its September issue. The opening spread is an aerial shot of the Guadix depression, and can be seen in the “Acróbatas” gallery.


Ibex story in BBC Wildlife Magazine

“Rock stars” is the title of the story on the Iberian ibex in Granada province published by the prestigious British magazine. A tasteful selection from my bilingual coffee- table book “Acróbatas”.


VIDEO: la Aventura del Saber

La Aventura del Saber ha transmitido un documental/entrevista sobre mi libro Acróbatas. Es el resultado de dos días de grabación a los cuales se han añadido materiales mios y del archivo de RTVE. Podéis verlo pinchando aquí.



Ibex story in National Geographic

The Spanish and Portuguese editions of NG Magazine host in 18 pages my story on the Iberian ibex in Sierra Nevada and in the semi-desert areas of Guadix, all within the Granada district, in Andalusia. I am happy to see that working on long-term projects, at a local scale, is so rewarding!


COVER STORY: Iberian ibex in Roots

The Dutch magazine ROOTS published a ten-pages story on the Iberian ibex of Southern Spain, featuring also text excerpts from my book.


ACRÓBATAS: my first book

After three years of work, carried out only within the province of Granada, among deserts, mountains and coastal cliffs, from sea level up to more than 3,000 metres, my first book, ACRÓBATAS, is now ready. Click here to see its characteristics, a selection of 20 pictures and find all the information to get it.


New publication: Andalusia in Nat’Images

The French magazine Nat’Images published a 8 pages feature on my favorite spots in Eastern Andalusia. See the opening page, showing Guadix badlands, here.


New publications: BBC Wildlife Magazine

The last two issues of BBC Wildlife Magazine featured two pictures of mine on Brown bears in Spain and Barbary macaques in Morocco. See the respective galleries in the “Species” section.


Proiezione a Lecce

Il prossimo 7 maggio alle ore 19 terró una proiezione a Lecce, dal titolo “Il lato selvaggio del Mediterraneo”, presso la Fondazione Palmieri, in vicolo dei Sotterranei 21.


New publication: brown bear story in Roots

My story on brown bears in Northern Spain has been featured in the February issue of the Dutch magazine Roots. See the pictures in my new gallery.


El lado salvaje del Mediterraneo

En el marco de la exposición del Wildlife Photographer of the Year en Madrid, el 30 de noviembre he dado una charla/conferencia en la Fnac de Callao, titulada “El lado salvaje del Mediterraneo”, un recorrido a través de los lugares mas salvajes del Mare Nostrum, con imagenes relativas a 15 años de actrividades fotograficas y de investigación. Gracias a todos los que han asistido!

A este enlace, podéis ver un recorrido por la exposición, durante el cual comento algunas de las fotos ganadoras


Por El Planeta Photo competition

My snow tunnel picture from Sierra Nevada got the third place in the “Wild Habitat” category of this new contest focused on conservation photography. Despite being only at its first edition, almost 30000 pictures have been submitted. Check out the galleries, there are awesome shots from top professionals!


In italiano: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015


Alcuni links sui riconoscimenti che ho ricevuto in questo prestigioso concorso:

intervista sul web magazine Galileo

intervista (audio) su Radio3Scienza

le storie dietro le mie due foto premiate, su Genius loci: la “Trappola di sale” e “Dove nasce la primavera


Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015

I am very happy to announce that I have got two placings in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015! My “Butterfly in cristal” won the invertebrates category, while “Tunnel of spring” is finalist in the “On the land” category. See my galleries “My Mediterranean” and “Las Beticas” to see more pictures from the relative stories. Both photographs have been taken in locations that I knwo very well and for which I feel a strong connection. The butterfly, in my native region (Salento, Italy), in the very first place where I started using a reflex camare 15 years before. And the tunnel was located in Sierra Nevada (Spain), where I am currently living and developing a long term project.


New award: “Mención de honor” in Montphoto

Happy to be also this year in the exhibition and catalog of this important contest. I took this picture of Spanish ibexes (Capra pyrenaica) the past autumn here in Sierra Nevada. Have a look at my gallery Las Beticas to see this one and more picture from the same area.


New publication: Chilean Patagonia in Asferico

My picture story concerning the “hidden” side of Patagonia has been published by Asferico magazine! Visit my gallery “Patagonia esenciál” to see some of the published pictures.


New publication: brown bear in Terre Sauvage

A picture of a mother with a cub taken during the last May in Asturias (Spain) opens an article on the French magazine. See it in my publications page.


New publication: Pollino in Naturfoto

On the last issue of this German magazine you can find my 10 pages reportage on the Bosnian pines of Pollino National Park (Southern Italy). Pollino is a special place for me because I went there the first time when I was a child, and it had strong importance on shaping my passion for wilderness and mountains! See the pictures in my gallery “The Garden of the Gods“.


GENIUS LOCI finally we start! A nature photography blog where discover a new picture every day. Fourteen contributors each one from his own area, from the far edges of Italy and Europe. I will contribute with pictures from Andalucía (Spain), and sometimes also from my native area: Salento (Italy). Follow us here and have a look at the description of our project, which is available also in English.


New award: “Mención de honor” in Montphoto

MONTPHOTO, International Competition of Nature Photography: one finalist picture in the category “Environmental report” and 6 more selected ones in different categories. Check out the galleries here. The picture depicts a captive Chamelion imprisoned in a cage in the Marrakech market. You can see it in my gallery “Only one planet“. I hope this picture will raise more awareness on the illegal wildlife trade that takes place in Morocco.


Presentation at Asferico Fotofestival

I will have the pleasure to give a slideshow and a talk on Patagonia at the Asferico Fotofestival 2014 , on the 2nd of May in Comacchio, Italy


New awards: commended pictures in Asferico photocontest

8th International Asferico Nature Photo Competition: two commended pictures: “Kelp goose” in Birds category and “Alligator” in “Other animals” category. Have a look at the results here and browse my galleries “Patagonia esenciàl” and “Alligators” to see more pictures on the same topics.


New gallery: Patagonia

Finally available, a selection of the pictures from my journey in Patagonia, following an ideal travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. Enjoy this new gallery!


New publication: cover on Ecology Letters

A Condor picture that I took in Patagonia has been used as cover of the prestigious scientific journal Ecology Letters. You can see the picture in my Patagonia gallery and the cover in my publications page.


New publication: Sahara in Asferico magazine

My Sahara picture story has been published by Asferico magazine! Visit my gallery “of sand and stars” to see some of the published pictures.


Facebook page

Now I have also a Facebook page, please visit it and give me your “like”! Stay tuned because I will update there the most recent pictures from my current stay in Patagonia.


New gallery: Sweden

I added a new gallery including the pictures collected during my expedition in the Swedish tundra during june/july 2011. Have a look at “a summer in the tundra“!


New publication: Salento by SIMEBOOKS

This new book features several pictures of mine, including the one on the cover! It depicts the rocky coast of Sant’Andrea, on the Adriatic sea.


New award: commended picture in Asferico photocontest

5th International Asferico Nature Photo Competition: for the third year in a row I got a picture “Highlight”, this time my alligator “swimming” in the clouds” in the section “Other animals”. See the other winning pictures here.


New galleries: Sahara and macaques

New galleries from my expeditions in Morocco: one is about the Sahara desert and he other one concerns Berber macaques.


Magazine cover

A picture of mine is the cover of the Italian magazine Meridiani, in a special issue about my region. Other picture illustrate the articles inside.


New award: commended picture in Asferico photocontest

4th International Asferico Nature Photo Competition: my tree fern from Honduras got a “Highlight” in the section “Flowers and plants”.


Events for spring 2010

Two events have been scheduled for the next months: an exhibition at “Officine Cantelmo”, in Lecce (Italy) at the end of March and a slideshow in Vila-Real (Spain) during the “Simposio Internacional de Naturaleza y Fotografía”, on the 17th of april.



Back from a new expedition in Morocco with my friend Rocco Tiberti! The fennec fox has been one of the highlights! See it on my picture of the month page.


New gallery: alligators

New gallery: alligators of the Everglades (Florida, USA). Moreover, new pictures in many of the other galleries.


New publications: National Geographic and Quercus

Some of my Eleonora’s falcons pictures have been published on the Spanish edition of National Geographic and on the Spanish magazine Quercus, within the framework of articles illustrating my Phd research. See them in my publications page.


New award: commended picture in Asferico photocontest

3rd International Asferico Nature Photo Competition: one picture “Highlight” in the section “Flowers and plants” and six more in the final stage. See it in my Sahara gallery.


New publication: Morocco in Naturfoto

My images from Morocco are featured in an article in the German magazine Naturfoto prepared with my colleague Bruno D’Amicis.


New website and Honduras gallery

The new website is online! Many new photos have been uploaded too, including a picture story about the biodiversity of Cusuco national Park (Honduras).


New galleries and leaving again

The website has been updated with Morocco and Eleonora’s falcons galleries. I am leaving for Honduras, where I will work for Operation Wallacea. I hope to come back with loads of good pictures of tropical wildlife!


New publication: Prespa lakes in AQVA

My reportage about Prespa lakes (Greece) has been published by the Italian magazine AQVA. Visit my publications page to see its opening page.


Photo agency

I started a collaboration with SIMEPHOTO agency: to see my pictures visit their website  and type my name in the search engine.


New adventures

I am leaving for a 1-month photo expedition in Morocco with my friend and colleague Bruno D’Amicis. We cannot wait to discover the wildlife and the landscapes of this country!